DayZ Maybe Possibly Kinda Getting A PS4 Release


Dean Hall is being kept rather busy working on the standalone version of Day Z – the online survival horror zombie mod for Arma II. Fortunately he is still finding the time to look at what opportunities DayZ has for its future. Or more accurately, what future opportunities DayZ has with Sony and its upcoming PS4 release.

Hall, during an interview with The Escapist, gladly mentioned the talks he has had with Sony about bringing the game to the PS4. He was also pretty confident that Sony wants DayZ on their system, as he states here, “We’ve talked and met with Sony, and they’re very – you know, they’re obviously interested.” While this is in no way a green-light for DayZ heading to consoles, it does show that at least Sony is showing interest in the game and its unexpected popularity.

During the interview, Hall also gave his opinion on having the game being given a console release after its PC début.


“Certainly I think if we don’t, for want of a better word ‘fuck up,’ the PC release then I would say a console port is almost certain,” Hall continued with “I know a lot of people get really hot and bothered about it. Like, I’m not a console gamer, I’m a PC gamer, but I don’t think it necessarily has to hurt things.”


Well there you go. The creator of DayZ appears to want and have high hopes of spreading zombie and raider love to PC and console gamers alike. I am personally a PC gamer when it comes to my modern games, but I have no issues with a port of the new DayZ heading to consoles, especially the PS4. Not everyone enjoys PC gaming and I can respect that as long as it does not affect my own gaming experience negatively.

What are your opinions on DayZ and its chances at a PS4 release? Are you a PC or console gamer and which system would you prefer to play your zombie survival horror on? Please leave your answer in the comments below.


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Written by Jonathan Parsons

English teacher and freelance writer Jonathan Parsons is a longtime gamer working abroad in Japan. He spends his free time swimming through the Akita winter snow to his car and playing classic PC and Famicom games.