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The Sky Coast

The escapades of my high school ESL students in Japan during their first D&D campaign using my D&D: ESL rules. I have attempted to take everything they have done during their gaming session and convert it into a sort of story, which I hope you find interesting.

The Sky Coast, the region the campaign takes place, is a home-brewed region that I put together specifically for my ESL students. Everything in it is named in as simple English as possible (But I tried to make the as neat as possible as well). You’ll also notice that everyone’s race, even the non-humans, are common modern names. I really wanted to accustom my students to hearing real world names that they have a high chance of hearing in real life.

Each story entry focuses on a single gaming session with the students and is not told from third person point of view. Hope you enjoy.



  • H.H. — ¬†Half-Orc; Fighter
  • NTT — Elf; Wizard
  • AU — Half-Elf; Bard
  • ??





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Written by Jonathan Parsons

English teacher and freelance writer Jonathan Parsons is a longtime gamer working abroad in Japan. He spends his free time swimming through the Akita winter snow to his car and playing classic PC and Famicom games.

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