EverQuest’s 14th Anniversary Has Arrived

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EverQuest, the game that introduced so many to the wonderful world of MMO’s, has turned 14 years old this weekend (Wow, it seems like only yesterday I was begging for a rez outside Guk)! As expected, EQ is having its annual events to thank players for sticking with it through all these years. Anyone interested in partaking in any of these events should take a peek at these anniversary details posted by SOE:


“Beginning today, players will be able to dive into anniversary content, including five player-created missions that were designed during last year’s SOE Live. Additionally, players who have completed epic weapon quests will also have the chance to experience new epic ornamentation quests, which reward Norrathians with ornamentation versions of epic weapons. These quests are a permanent addition to the game. And of course all our previous Anniversary Content will be available too!”


The player created missions should keep any curious Norrathian adventurers busy for quite a while. The missions seem to be pretty interesting, as well as their names: Surviving Xmiticzin , Big Gnomes, Big Problem, Piestro’s Day Off, Evil Eye Operative, To Thine Own Creator… Be True, or False? The epic ornamentation is also a pretty great bonus for anyone that’s been seeing a way to bling out their gear even more.

To top off all these great festivities, SOE also shared more details on EverQuest’s upcoming Shadow of Fear game update!


“The update will feature two additional zones, including even more challenging raid content, spells, and all new AA. If you were accepted into the Rain of Fear beta last year, keep an eye out for an invite to test Shadow of Fear in late March.
The new zones included in Shadow of Fear continue the story line from Rain of Fear, and include:

Plane of Shadow – When Cazic’s essence erupted from Norrath, a fear shard pierced the temple of Vex Thal and entered the portal to Luclin’s home, the realm of twilight.

Chelsith Reborn – This shadowy version of Chelsith, the great seaside Shissar city, is built with power harnessed from a fallen shard.

Now get out there and enjoy that Double XP!”


If these new details over the upcoming update didn’t get you excited than I am sure the Double XP announcement definitely did. If you want to check out all these announcements for yourself, you can read them in detail on EverQuest’s Announcement Page. Now head out there and enjoy the Double XP’d mayhem!

EverQuest 14th Anniversary

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Written by Jonathan Parsons

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