GOG Having Awesome Deal On All D&D Titles

Planescape Torment Box Art

Great news for all fans of the D&D PC franchise. GOG.com has put all its D&D titles up for sale. The more titles you buy, the more you save. You can fetch all the games, which includes Baldur’s Gate and Neverwinter Nights, at 80% off for $21.10 USD (Originally $84.80). Your past purchases from the site are added to the discount as well, so don’t fret.

The games currently tossed into the deal are:

Quite a nice little list of games they have going there. I am definitely going to be finishing off my list of D&D games before this sale ends. As GOG is well-known for, all games on their site are DRM-free and have been modified to work on newer systems.

You can follow this LINK to grab them all or click on the individual titles above to get them separately. Enjoy!

Please leave a comment below about your favorite D&D title! Mine definitely has to be Baldur’s Gate 2. That game’s content and story nearly made my head explode from sheer amazement.


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Written by Jonathan Parsons

English teacher and freelance writer Jonathan Parsons is a longtime gamer working abroad in Japan. He spends his free time swimming through the Akita winter snow to his car and playing classic PC and Famicom games.