The Sky Coast: Session 1

Three adventurers, H.H. the Half-Orc Fighter, AU the Half-Elf Bard, and NTT the Elf Wizard, sat in The Windy Tavern in the village of Black Rock. As they relaxed around their table and enjoyed their lunch, Dan the Drunken approached H.H. and declared that the table, food, and its drinks all belonged to him. Instead of taking Dan’s challenge, H.H. politely left the table and headed toward the tavern exit.

Both AU and NTT were soon to follow. However, AU had the last second idea of playing his guitar for the bossy drunk. Upon hearing the melody coming from the Bard’s guitar, Dan broke into tears and apologized to the Half-Elf profusely while giving him an awkward hug.

Soon after, a burly Dwarf in an apron erupted from behind the bar’s counter and rushed the drunk. He sucker-punched Dan square in the jaw, knocking him out cold. He was soon roughly thrown out the front door.

After dealing with the unconscious Dan, the Dwarf introduced himself as Chris the Innkeeper. He offered the heroes a job for 25 gold to split among themselves. They would need to discreetly enter the tavern’s basement and remove the rats that had made it their home. They quickly agreed with the promise of gold.

Upon entering the moldy cellar, the team caught the angered attention of three large rats. AU noticed the vermin staring at his guitar attentively, but decided to dig an arrow into the furthest rat instead of investigating their estranged staring. The rat slumped to the floor dead.

As the remaining rats approached, H.H. took a powerful swing at the one nearest him with his massive 2-handed axe. The rodent exploded in a bloody mist. Paying no attention to the Fighter’s carnage, NTT ran up to the remaining rat and swiftly clubbed it to death with his staff.

Immediately after their victory, the group noticed a drafty hole in the back wall of the room. They also noticed that there was a strange scuttering sound coming from within. This didn’t halt H.H. though. He lifted a hammer conveniently located nearby and gave a powerful strike to the wall, with little effect. He focused and gave it a second shot. This time the wall fell into a pile of rubble at his feet.

However, the Half-Orc’s victory was short-lived. He was immediately attacked by a vicious Dire Rat that had made the hole its home. It made a quick strike with its fangs, but H.H. managed to narrowly dodge. He quickly countered with a swing of his axe and connected. The Dire Rat fell in a heap before him.

After catching their breath, the group discovered that the hole actually lead to a very old corridor. At its end was a strange door with stars, a red sun, and blue moon all engraved upon it. At its center was a set of four numbers (19, 20, 1, 18) and below that was an inscription that read, “Speak the magic word and the door will open.”

The group pondered the question for a bit, but soon discovered that the numbers spelled the word “Star” when changed to the corresponding letters in the alphabet. The magical door silently swung open into darkness at the mention of the password.

The Half-Elf and Elf soon heard strange chattering coming from the blackened room, but NTT was the only one who could slightly see a small figure squatting in the dark. H.H., with his Orcish eyes and the aid of NTT, could see a Goblin squatting in the center of the room and talking to itself in hushed tones.

NTT persuaded AU, with a rather blunt discussion about making a sacrifice for the team, to try and communicate with the Goblin. As he approached it, he asked, “What are you doing?” The Goblin panicked, pulled out a dirty knife, and commanded the group to leave its home or they won’t ever be returning to their own. The party then noticed that the creature held tightly to a small object in its hands. The Goblin noticed their stares and shouted, “You’re here to steal my treasure!” The Wizard’s eyes lit up at the mention of treasure.

AU pulled out his guitar and began to play. The Goblin immediately began to scream in rage and pain as he heard the Half-Elf’s melody. A strange and powerful wind began to circle the Goblin and quickly spread to the whole room.

As AU continued to play, blades of wind shot from the enraged Goblin and nearly hit the Bard. The Wizard then stepped in and summoned a brightly glowing ball of light. The sudden brightness blinded the Goblin, who was forced to shield his eyes. This caused him to drop his precious treasure to the ground. The wind immediately stopped.

AU took the opportunity and fired an arrow into the creature. It buried deeply into its shoulder and knocked it unconscious. Silence filled the room.

Feeling guilty, AU attempted first aid on the Goblin. He managed to succeed in removing the arrow and stopping the bleeding. Just then, the Goblin jumped up in surprise and dove into a small hole in the wall. As his panicked screams faded, he shouted, “You stole my treasure!”

AU and NTT let out sighs of relief as the battle ended. H.H., on the other hand, had decided to take a nap at the beginning of the battle and awoke just as the Goblin’s cries faded.

NTT walked over to the trinket the Goblin had dropped and studied it. It appeared to be a magical charm of some sort with a strange symbol at its center. From what happened, he could assume that it obviously has some sort of wind power.

Upon further exploration, the grouped discovered a crude chest in the corner of the room. AU attempted to check it for traps but had no idea if it was actually trapped or not. He did manage to pick the lock though. The Wizard shoved the Bard aside and greedily opened the chest, and just narrowly missed a dart that shot out towards his face as he did so.

Within the chest they found 24 gold pieces, 5 unidentified potions, an unidentified magic scroll, and 3 crude gems. The party split the gold but the Wizard held onto the other items until they were in a safer place (If you know what I mean). They then returned to the Innkeeper above.

Chris was surprised by the news of a Dire Rat and enraged about a Goblin calling the underside of his tavern its home. He awarded the group a 5 gold bonus, which was a total prize of 30 gold for all their work. He also allowed them to keep any treasures they might have found.

The old Dwarf knew little when shown the strange charm from the Goblin, but he believed that the priests in the town of Newport might know something. He also realized that the group was obviously foreign to this region and decided to offer them a map for 50 gold.

Now, rather than split the price of the map amongst themselves, the group decided to rock, paper, scissors to decide who has to pay. AU ended up having to foot the bill with a sour look on his face.

Chris recommended they follow the main road west and then head south at the fork in order to reach the oceanside city of Newport. He also informed them of a few other strange happenings in the area. An old and abandoned mansion near Morning Pool has had mysterious light appearing in it at night, and the locals are accusing ghosts of the phenomenon.

There have also been a high number of disappearances in a small community in Dusk Swamp. The locals have no idea what is happening to its people but it doesn’t have the manpower to defend itself.

Finally, he recommended to also find and speak with Jack Skysong. He is the owner of the Skysong Tavern in Newport and a self-proclaimed guitar enthusiast. If anyone knows about the happenings of the region, it is definitely Jack.

~End of Session 1


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Written by Jonathan Parsons

English teacher and freelance writer Jonathan Parsons is a longtime gamer working abroad in Japan. He spends his free time swimming through the Akita winter snow to his car and playing classic PC and Famicom games.

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